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Very soon, we are going to be starting our congregational Mission Study, which is just one phase of moving into the future God has planned for our congregation.  This requires deep thought and prayer.   One of the primary questions we will be trying to answer is: What IS a Church?     The first Christians used two Greek words for “Church”, Koinonia and Ecclesia.  The words mean “Fellowship/Community” (Koinonia) and being “Called Out” (Ekklesia).


We discover Koinonia through the journey we share together.  This past Lenten Journey has been one of wonderful fellowship, deep reflection, and a renewed sense of devotion to God, compassion toward all persons, and joyful celebration of faith.   We journeyed with Jesus toward Jerusalem, and now we enter Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, gather to share the Lord’s Supper/Service of Darkness on Maundy Thursday, and rejoice with Christ in Easter’s Glory!


But then … as Church, we are Easter People!:  Ekklesia!   Called Out!  There is a tendency after such big observances as Holy Week to take a deep breath and ease-off, but one question after Easter propels us forward:  What IS a Church that has experienced Christ’s Resurrection?


I love an old Quaker story that tells about a visitor coming into the silence of a Friends' Meeting House for worship and asking the person next to him, "What time does the service begin?" The Quaker said, without hesitation, "When the worship is over."


Together, we become the joyful and effective witness to faith that our world and our times surely need!  Let’s be the “Called Out” Church that hears the voice of God leading us to service, love, and sharing.    When the Worship is over, the Service IS just beginning!


Peace in the Joy of our Risen Lord!