Small Groups


Small Groups

Small Groups

Fellowship is an important part of the life of our church. Our Small Group ministry was formed to offer a little something for everyone!

Each group meets on their own schedule and at their own chosen venue; either on the church campus or off-site. All the groups are very special to their participants and a strong sense of Fellowship is at the core. This Ministry remains an ever-evolving pathway for PCAS members and non-members to come together to grow in self-understanding, personal relationships, and connection to God.

Nine small groups currently make up the Small Group Ministry. They are:

1) Prayer Group

Sharing prayer and Bible Study, this group explores spiritual and religious questions of common interest. Meetings are held at a church member’s home.

"I am very grateful for our strong leadership as well as our small group of pray-ers. They have inspired me to find a deeper pathway to the Lord." - Bonnie

 2) Cookbook Group
Each member prepares food from a theme selected by the hostess for each month. This group meets at the hostess’ home to enjoy the dinner selections they have made.

"Food is such a central part of Fellowship. In the Bible, there are many times that Jesus gathers around a table to eat with his followers. We celebrate this kind of fellowship in our cookbook club. It is an added bonus that we learn new recipes from each other. I personally have learned new cookbook techniques, good places to purchase specialty foods, and enjoyed a meal based on food from biblical times." - Kirsten

 3) Geneology Group 

 Various methods, contacts, sources and strategies for developing a family history are shared among group members.


"I am so greatfull for the Geneology group, especially it's leaders, Heather and Jim. They showed us the pathways to fruitfully search for our roots. Susan and I had a mission to prove what our fathers (who were brothers) always insisted, that we had Scottish ancestors. Jim even "invited" us to be guests on his Ancestry membership, which was really exciting! With Heathers help, we got several generations back. So far, we know about our English roots, but have not found our way to Scotland yet! But now we know how to get there!" - Carol

4) Book Club Group

 The group selects and reads one novel a month. Discussion meetings are held monthly at members’ homes.


"I am an enthusiastic reader but never belonged to an on-going book club until we formed this small group. I love sharing ideas with the other group members as they often come up with opinions I may not have thought about. It is also interesting to listen to each person's life experiences and see how they impact their opinions of the story and or characters. The group has definitely increased my enjoyment of reading and my relationships with other group members." - Doreen

5) Car Group

 The group shares information and experiences relating to all types of vehicles. Field trips have been enjoyed to Simeone Museum in Philadelphia and the New York Auto Show.

"We took a trip to to Philadelphia to the Simeon Museum. The collection featured Racing Cars from 1913 up to 1965. Vintage cars like Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Ferrari were showcased. Also, a visit to the 2016 NY auto show included the Ford GT-40 $450,000 Supercar." -John 

6) Bible Study Group

Discussion is centered on the William Barclay Bible Series. Participants meet bi-weekly at each others’ homes.

"It is exciting to see the many levels of blessings that have come from being a part of the Bible study small group.   As individuals, we are able to see the words of scripture through thoughts and experiences beyond our own.  Sometimes agreeing and sometimes challenging – always enlightening. Coming together allows for relationship growth between all in the group, sharing our lives in a close and caring Christian environment.  There is also peace and strength in sharing one another's burdens and there is multiplied happiness in sharing joys.  Our participation gives a confidence and excitement to being a part of the entire congregation and we are thankful for the opportunity!" - Don

7) Card Group

 Members change partners each meeting to play an interesting and challenging card game called “Hand and Foot”.  A light dinner buffet is prepared by those present each meeting and enjoyed by all.

"I was a little nervous to join the Card Group since "Old Maid" and "Go Fish" were the only games in my repertoire. That changed three years ago, when I went to the first Card Group Meeting. I now love playing "Hand and Foot" and enjoy catching-up with my new friends and sharing a meal together!" -  Sherri

 8) Movie Group

This group meets on Saturday or Tuesday at the cinema to view the film selected. 


"The movie group is a fun way to get together and experience movies that we probably wouldn't choose on our own. When we can, we meet after the movie for coffee and exchange of ideas. It is a  great way to get to know one another."  - Bob

9) Passport Group

 The Passport Group meets roughly monthly to share their travel experiences on the big auditorium screen. We have had presentations on Amsterdam, Scotland, Nova Scotia, Iceland, Isreal, Norway, UK, Paris, Canada, the Danube etc.

"I like finding out about places you have never been or those places you have been and are able to get a different perspective about them. I also enjoy hearing about the people they have encountered in their travels."    - Peter