Attending our church for the First Time


Attending our church for the First Time


Location and Parking: There is on-site parking behind the Church House, which is located at 352 Sycamore Avenue, Shrewsbury. The Church House is the 5th building from the corner of Highway 35 and Sycamore Avenue (Christ Church is on the corner, followed by Christ Church Parish House, our Sanctuary with the bright red doors, a private home, then our Church House). From there, it is a short stroll up Sycamore Avenue (past the private home) to the Sanctuary. Enter through the red doors where a Deacon will welcome you and answer any questions, such as the location of the bathrooms (it’s easier for them to point than describe in writing).

Front of Sanctuary

For those who cannot walk from the Church House parking lot, there is limited parking in the driveway adjacent to the Sanctuary where there is a handicapped entrance ramp.

What to Wear: There is no dress code, with worshipers dressing from very casual to business attire. The most import thing is that you come and worship with us in community.

The Worship Service: We know that different churches do different things, which can be intimidating. So here are some things that you might be interested in knowing before you come to a worship service:

  • The Lord’s Prayer: For the Lord’s Prayer, some churches say “trespasses” and “trespass against us”, others say “sins” and “sinners”. As Presbyterians, we say “debts” and “debtors”. If you are curious as to why, there is an explanation based on Biblical studies, but it would be easier to just ask our Pastor.
  • Passing of the Peace: This is where, in the middle of the service, we introduce ourselves to those around us by saying “Peace be with you.” Anything more is an individual thing.
  • The Offering: We do take an offering where ushers will come by with collection plates. But whether you provide an offering is entirely up to you.
  • Communion: All are invited to participate. We typically offer Communion the first Sunday of each month, sometimes by coming forward for intinction (dip the bread into the cup) and other times by ushers passing trays of individual cups and bread. The Pastor will provide instructions to all.

And if you have any question about the service when you are with us, please don’t hesitate to ask someone in the pew next to you. We don’t bite.

Children and Sunday School: We offer childcare and Sunday School for children and youth. Grammar school children begin in worship and are excused for Sunday School prior to the Gospel reading. Please check out the Children and Youth Ministries page on the website for more information.

Coffee Hour GoodiesCoffee and Fellowship after Worship: After worship, please join us in Fellowship Hall located in the Church House for coffee, other refreshments, and informal conversation. It is a time of community, sharing, and getting to know one another better. Fellowship is a spiritual discipline that we embrace.

Playing Electronic Organ in SanctuaryIs there a “Trip Wire”? We certainly hope not. There are no secret rules (other than no applause please – but feel free to say “Amen” if you are inspired by the music, the Word, the sermon, or the Holy Spirit). You do not need to be a Presbyterian or even a Christian to attend worship. Just come as you are and listen to the Word. No more, no less.   (We give credit to the Bedford Presbyterian Church for inspiring this question .)

So come, join us for worship, and take a step on The Way.